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The smart way to manage your bills: get them all in one app, organised by due date on one screen, and pay them in a few seconds, anytime, anywhere.


Bills paid


Hours saved

Bills Paid 30.000.000 Bills paid


Time Saved 75.000.000 Hours saved

That's more than 8560 years!
How much time will you save?

Service Providers +400 Service providers

Internet, energy, even RCA, they're all here!

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Don't ruin
your vacation

Get your travel insurance in less than 3 minutes
from the Pago app.

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Six years from the first payment to over 600 million euro

From one idea to 500k users

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With Pago you will pay all your utility bills, manage your accounts from over 380+ suppliers, receive notifications for bills due, and your payment history always on hand

Over suppliers

And if you are receiving bills from a supplier that's not on our list, you can add them in just a few days.

Work with us!

It is the team behind Pago that makes the app so loved. Let's build it together!

QA tester - mid level
Full Time, Remote
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Android Engineer - Junior level
Full Time, Remote
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iOS Engineer - Junior level
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Java Backend Developer - Medium level
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Buy RCA Insurance directly from the app

The easiest way to get your mandatory car insurance online


Scan your car registration and ID and get offers in no time.


See offers from all insurers at the lowest prices available anywhere.


Get your policy by email right after payment.

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What people are saying about Pago


It works great! I pay 3 invoices (phone, internet, TV, and electricity) in a few seconds. I highly recommend using it, as it greatly facilitates the entire payment experience. It also has payment history!

Cosmin B.


Without Pago, I am lost. This is how much I got used to the application. It would be hard for me to go back to the payment methods before Pago because I pay many bills. I receive a notification when new invoices appear and when they are due. A super, super, super app. 🤩

Catela J.


I pay all my bills with a single click. Of course, it helps that the due dates are close. Anyway, using Pago is WAY MORE practical than each vendor's app separately..

Lia T.


Super app! Very very practical. Bills get paid in an instant. Receipts that the money ends up where it's supposed to get delivered to your email is also a plus. Recommended it to friends, and they're also super happy with it.!

A Google User

Transfer money instantly

The money arrives in seconds, any day, any time


Transfer money to any card from any bank


Everything is instant, even in the evening, weekend or holidays.


The fee is smaller than most of the banks (even Revolut has a fee for transfers to other banks).

Mobile top-ups at the best prices!

Top-up with 1 tap and get notified when it expires..

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Get the best prices

Lowest prices for top-ups in Romania


Automatic top-ups

Choose the value, the phone number, and the frequency of recharges, and we take care of the rest - you will never run out of mobile credit again.


Automatic top-ups

Choose the value, the phone number, and the frequency of recharges, and we take care of the rest - you will never run out of mobile credit again.

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Built with security as our top priority

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your information is safe and sound.

Encrypted Communications

All the information that travels between your device and our servers is encoded so that it can only be read by us and your device.

Personal information is stored securely

We have implemented advanced protection and encryption methods to ensure all data is safe.

We don't store payment information

Payment information is safely stored by Romania's largest and most experienced payment processor.